Arabian Jasmine Plant

Arabian Jasmine Plant      Growing an indoor plant can be very much fun and a rewarding effort. When choosing a indoor plant it’s very important that the plant is well suited to the surrounding and can survive in the indoor weather. When it comes to indoor plants one just cannot overlook jasmine, the incredible fragrance and elegant flowers can make a pleasing visual. Amongst all the varieties of Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine Plants are a very delicate yet easy to grow indoor plant. This plant has wonderful white flowers. These plants have a bunch of one inch long flowers which are a complete treat for the eye, and also can give out a wonderful smell later in the day. Arabian Jasmine Plant is one plant that can grow in sun as well as in shade. It prefers moist and well drained compost, so you do need to remember to water it a few times a week. This plant can also survive in very low temperatures and can be perfect for moderately chilly places.

Arabian Jasmine Plants can be found in regions that are close to Hawaii where the flowers are grown in abundance. The wonderful smell of this plant has also made this one of the most used plant in perfume making. The dimension of the plant is also very favorable for indoors growing, the average height of the tree is only five feet and its rich glossy leaves are about three inches long. Usual Flowering season of the Arabian Jasmine is during the months of June to September. Another advantage of Arabian jasmine is that they don’t require much maintenance, all one needs to do is fertilize the plant one a month, give ample support to the stems. It is also recommended to prune the flowering to make sure that the plant is in shaped and thinned.

Propagation is an even easier thing with in-ground plants. These plants have a tendency to spread underneath, so one should look for new shoots coming up from the soil. One can root up those new grown roots and pot them. New plants require a bit of extra care before they get strong enough to survive on their own, one must make sure to keep them in shade and keep then moist. To check for the watering needs of the plant one can stick the figure inside the soil, if its damp one inch below the surface, it won’t be requiring water.