A Look at Popular House Plants

There are so many different types of House Plants, and on Best Indoor Plants I list a bunch of miniature plants that surely fit in any type of home. Below is a an array of Popular House Plants that are not gong to be quite as small and require more effort to take care of but are surely just as grand and are well worth the effort of trying to maintain.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

The Spider plant is one of the most common of all the popular house plants. This plant is also called chlorophytum, spider ivies or ribbon plants. These plants produce most of their plantlets or spiders as they are otherwise known during the fall; this is when the days shorten. They are the perfect houseplant for those areas that may be overlooked such as spare bedrooms because they require little water and thrive when they dry out in between the watering. This makes it quite easy to maintain. These plants are easy to grow and do well under bright indirect light. They should at least get four hours of light a day and looks beautiful when it comes to design.


Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily Plant

It is also called spathiphyllum and is widely regarded as a household air cleaning plant. It breaks down and neutralizes carbon dioxide as well as other toxic gases. It grows in an upright clumping manner and produces white flowers. This plant is easy to maintain because it tends to sag a little bit when in need of water. The plant should be kept about six to eight feet from the window to ensure the light levels are more or less consistent. Peace lilies prefer medium sunlight that is also indirect. Yellow leaves are a sure sign that the plant is getting more than enough sunlight. Brown spots are an indication that the sun’s rays are scorching the plant. Peace lilies are also a sight to behold, especially when they bloom.


Jade Plant

This is another of the popular houseplants available. Jade plants produce leaves that are fleshy and oval in shape on thick stalks that grow albeit quickly into a shrub like plant that may reach a height of five feet when grown indoors. The plant does well in hot and dry climates. This makes them easy to maintain as they do not require frequent watering. The flowers also bloom naturally and easily. When placed indoors however, blooms may be less abundant. Plant enthusiasts and gardeners alike love this plant because of the foliage it produces which is bluish green in color. When grown indoors pruning is necessary to keep the plant at a particular height and size to prevent them from tipping over the pot they are grown in as a result of being top heavy.


Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This plant belongs to the lily family and does well in indirect sunlight and is also known as the ribbon plant. It has an evergreen color all over and lacks blemishes with large stalks. Yellow looking leaves are a sure sign that the plant is receiving more than its fair share of sunlight. It takes a little effort to maintain this plant and this fact may put some people off. This is because only filtered water can be used and the water should be changed on a weekly basis. Chemicals in the water can also lead to the death of the bamboo plant. The plant can be easily styled by removing a couple of prime stalks so as to have a linked arrangement.



African Violet Plants

This plant is regarded as being one the most popular house plants around the globe. They thrive when exposed to a variety of light sources, including artificial light. Exposure to indirect sunlight will ensure that you have a happy plant. East facing windows are ideal just in case you are using natural light. Allowing the plant to dry out too much may stunt the growth of the same. Too much water also causes the crown to rot. It requires significant care and may not be as easy to maintain because of the constant need to maintain the moisture levels. The plant also looks amazing, especially when it comes to design. Avoid placing this common house plant in a spot where the leaves are in contact with cold winter glass to prevent poor yields.


Christmas Cactus Plant

It is quite easy to take a slip of this plant and to grow it into a thriving and aesthetic plant. The best time to take a slip is after the blooming of the cactus. Pruning after each blooming is necessary to ensure an even blooming. The Christmas cactus requires bright and filtered light to grow well. It is important to keep the plant evenly moist during watering. It is an easy plant to maintain because you only have to wait until the soil is dry to water the plant. It also blooms all round and a well maintained plant can be a beautiful sight to behold; this usually happens during Christmas.



Desert Cactus Plant

The desert cactus is another of the most popular of all household plants. The desert cactus is arguably the easiest plant to maintain.as the name suggests, it grows easily in desert like conditions which is characterized by hot and dry conditions. The plant requires a little amount of water and allowing the soil to dry is important to ensure the soil is not water-logged as this may cause the rotting of the roots. It can also thrive under direct or indirect sunlight. When the desert cactus blooms, the plant can make your garden or home to look beautiful.




Chinese Evergreen Plant

The Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema as it is otherwise known as is arguably one of the most visible of all common house plants. It is used in interior landscaping and is an easy plant to take care of. It is ideal for those environments that receive relatively low levels of light for instance the office environment or at home. For the plant to look healthy, it is necessary to provide natural light that is bright but diffused. Artificial light for instance fluorescent light can also be used to provide the light. The plant is quite useful as it also breaks down poisonous gases thereby neutralizing their effect. This important role the Chinese evergreen explains its popularity across the board in millions of homes and offices. It has a clamping or bush-like growth that makes it a sight to behold especially when it comes to design.